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New Year's Resolutions

31. prosince 2008 v 19:12 | - the darkest star - |  Pieces of me

I would like to change the end of the year 2008, but I guess that is simply impossible. Nevertheless, tonight I have this opportunity! I don't have the power to change the past year, but I have the power to make the coming year better! :)
What has happened, is the past! I can't change it. But ... what's coming tomorrow is the future, and I alone can choose how it will work out!

I don't have any specific New Year's resolutions, it's been always the same. I want to have more time for myself, to truly take care of myself and be more careful not to get ever hurt again. But, no matter what, you can't choose everything in the life. We can only choose the actions we take ... yet, we can't choose the consequences of them.
Anyway, my other resolution is to make everybody around me happy :) because I know this will make me happy as well!
But more importantly, I don't want to get hurt because of my feelings ... but we will see, shall we?
I want to smile more
I want to be with people I love to be with
I want to protect my heart from any possible hurt
I want to make my family know I will always be there for them
I want to see my friends more often
BUT mainly
I want to find someone who will understand me :)
who will love me
who will sing to me <3

I know, I am modest =P

♥ Happy New Year! ♥
And rock that New Year's Eve Party!

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1 Sisi-Alex Sisi-Alex | 1. ledna 2009 v 14:18 | Reagovat

Happy New Year, Meg... :)

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