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Xmas day ♥

24. prosince 2008 v 16:04 | - the darkest star - |  Book of secrets
The list of things I want to do ... before it is too late!
Go boarding in the mountains
Go ice skating
Go sledding with my girlfriends!
Have a huge snowball fight
Make snow angels
Make a perfect snowman
Have a food fight
Flirt & Hug & Kiss
Slow dance all night!
Smile and shine
Share my umbrella with a hot guy
Hug all trees in the forest
Read beautiful poems to a person I ♥
Sit by the fireplace and drink wine
Build a sandcastle
Bungie jump!
Buy a drink for myself and get tipsy!
Go bowling
Go paintballing with my enemies
Go roller skating to disco
Have a bubble bath
Party till dawn
Sail all the seas
Take a spa day
Hit the beach in summer
Go on a picnic
Bake a cake for someone I ♥
Go wild!
Go shopping
Go treasure hunting
Have a playdate
Take a massage
Pillow fight all night!
♥ Have a very MERRY XMAS! ♥

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