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Learning to Love

7. ledna 2009 v 20:05 | - the darkest star - |  My psychologist
- HowAmazingIsToLiveAgain! -
I am back to normal! Went to school, met with people I love ... and had a time of my life <3
It seems to me that the time I spent all alone, just with my family, made me forgot how beautiful my life is! how many amazing people it contains! and how happy i truly am! I laughed so much today, I had a really happy cheerful day! Told my girlfriends about all the accidents happening around me lately :P connected to guys, and we laughed so much!
I take life way too easy ... ;)
And yeah, I think I found my new style! =P being real lady! But I will tell you about this later! I gotta go!
By the way, there will be 80s party! Gotta shop on Friday <3

♥ You never know what you got ... till it's me ♥


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1 Maartin Maartin | Web | 31. ledna 2009 v 13:37 | Reagovat

Welcome back :-) It`s nice to see you`re happy :-)

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