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Just Maybe

21. března 2010 v 15:17 | - the darkest star - |  Because I've learnt
[From 20th of September 2009]
Just maybe
Hmm, maybe I was wrong. Maybe I misjudged him last night. Maybe I got upset with him for no reason at all. Just maybe he left not because he wanted, but because his friends were leaving. Just maybe he turned his head and scanned with eyes the club, hoping to see me for the last time. Just maybe he got a little bit upset when I wasn't there. Just maybe he was glad to see me once again, and just maybe he watched me dance without being noticed. Oh, and just maybe he was glad to find out I am still that fun girl he once so much liked. And when he changed his place, so he didn't have to be close to me, so just maybe then he realilzed how much it hurts to see what he is unable to have.
I mean ... just maybe.

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